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A London based artist with an eclectic portfolio from drawing, painting to printing. 


Adam Joppich

Whatever you do always start out with black & white, then consider colours...



A black autographed lithograph which depicts the silence that comes from self-reflection and conscious thought.
Introspection lithograph


Mono printing as a medium, is considered by many printers to be the poor relation of printmaking


Bloody Girl

A black mono print in oil on newspaper. Titled "Bloody Girl", a pun used as an intensive as well as indicating a stained nose and eye. 
Bloody Girl mono print


Nosce te ipsum means "Read thyself" or "Know thyself". Hence them standing on an open book. Pun intended.

The work explores self identity. 


Ex Libris

"There are three things extremely hard, Steel, a Diamond, and to know one’s self.” — Benjamin Franklin The work explores finding self identity, hence the title: Nosce te ipsum, which translated from Latin means 'read thyself' or 'Know thyself'.
Ex Libris Linoprint